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Is there an Analysis for the products?

Yes, all the products have analysis.

is there a certificate or standard for your products?

Yes, all the products have register code and passed ISO standards.

What is the Grade meaning in your products?

Our production divided into 3 grades based on the use: Agricultural , Industry and Food Grade that indicates where the product should be used.

Can we get a sample before ordering?

Yes, its possible . you contact Sales.

which city is factory located?

The main factory is located in Tabriz-Iran.

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Can we use LAB services?

Yes, its possible

What production lines is your specialty?

we design and build fertilizer and chemical production lines

is there possibility to transfer technical knowledge?

Yes, its possible we also have technical courses for our designed lines.

what is R&D department's duty?

evaluating and researching before building.

What is your environment protection services

we can help to improve environmental standards and reduce pollution by redesigning the production lines.

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