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Knowledge based Gsohar Shimi Khebreh industrial group funded as a chemical and fertilizer producer in 2006. first production line started in Salimi industrial town during the same year in 2017 company earned its knowledge based title after evaluation, a year after, the second branch of GSK was funded in the city of Brojerd

  • quality
  • knowledge
  • safety
  • localized

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what we have achieved so far

production according to details

about us

our vision

creating a knowledge based ecosystem , for developing and job opportunities.

  • production linesdesigning and building the production lines
  • environmentrecycling management
  • chemicalschemical component producer
  • fertilizer producerproducer of variety of fertilizers

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Products with high quality meeting the export standards

100+satisfied costumer

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gsk pips
gsk pips
complete instaliation of production line

designing, evaluation and building production lines.

material analysis

soil, water and chemical laboratory

upgrading environmental standards

pollution analysis and pollution control

upgrading and rebuilding old production lines

inspecting old and inefficient production lines and redesigning for increasing productivity